VoiceStream is our Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service, offering a cost effective and efficient solution to many businesses.
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VPN Solutions

Securely connect to a Virtual Private Network. Connect more than one site via a direct link or give an employee working from home or on the move direct access to your network. VPN is a powerful tool to keep your business connected without the need for dedicated servers.
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SIP Trunking

This is a cost effective method in using your current PBX system to communicate via a flexible IP service. SIP trunking cuts the cost of ISDN line usage and gives you a reliable, efficient way to manage your calls and data.
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Internet Solutions

Your business depends on the speed of your network and internet connectivity. Our comprehensive internet solutions and Ethernet services can improve the future and efficiency of your business, along with creating a future proof base to develop on.
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Telecom services to our valued clients

Providing in-depth telecommunication services.
At Praten we pride ourselves in giving people the systems and support they need to achieve their business and personal potential. We have a range of structured services which are fast, reliable and extremely cost effective.
Providing Telecommunication.
Along with our other services we can keep you on track with your telecom needs. Our knowledge and expertise will keep you re-assured that you are in the best hands for a great telecoms experience. Contact our dedicated team, for custom requirements or to learn more about our products.